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The Unplanned Career
How to Turn Curiosity Into Opportunity
By Kathleen Mitchell

“Insightful. Creative. Helpful. A great book!”
–Richard Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When unemployment is high and job satisfaction low, turn to The Unplanned Career, an interactive, user-friendly journal offering tips on turning unexpected events into career opportunities. Whether in need of jump-starting your current job or a completely new career, Kathleen Mitchell’s journal shows readers how to create opportunities out of challenges.

The Unplanned Career rewrites all the old career myths and offers new and fresh alternatives. The first hurdle for most people is feeling stuck where they are. This inspiring journal debunks that myth and encourages readers to focus on what they can do to enhance their careers rather than to dwell on what they think they can’t. A better job with better pay does not necessarily require more school, a new degree, and a pre-determined path. The book suggests exploring other options such as, letting curiosity be your guide; requesting special projects in your current position; and volunteering on the weekends to gain insight and experience elsewhere.

The point of the book is to convince readers they do not need to have a perfect plan in place before exploring their career options. It costs nothing to look around and experiment. Enlightening and enterprising, The Unplanned Career takes readers along an encouraging road that replaces oppressive myths with directives to take action and move forward. Unlike other career titles, which tend to advise on planning, planning, and more planning, The Unplanned Career encourages exploring and doing. Included throughout the book are wonderful real-life scenarios where happenstance, an innocent inquiry, or polite interest have led to internships and job offers, which then have led to profound career changes and satisfaction. Proceeding ahead and taking action, even without a firm plan, can bring many happy and unexpected surprises. Don’t sell yourself short.

The Unplanned Career will help you every step of the way. Whether starting out and looking for a first job or seeking to learn new skills within a current position, this book offers astute common-sense advice on researching job sources, writing a cover letter, constructing an effective resume, interviewing thoughtfully, preparing for a performance review, requesting a promotion, asking for a raise, or moving on and exiting gracefully. A timely journal filled with helpful prompts, The Unplanned Career will help readers discover stimulating possibilities and new beginnings in their pursuit of fulfilling employment.

Kathleen Mitchell has worked for over twenty years as a career counselor and consultant. After working with hundreds of people, she created her own theory for career development called Planned Happenstance. She holds a master’s degree in career development and a doctorate in counseling psychology. She currently teaches and lectures while maintaining a private practice in San Francisco. She is available for interviews.

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